Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus

Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus, by David Csinos and Ivy Beckwith

Guest blogger, Dave Martin, explains how and why this book has transformed his understanding of ministry with children.

Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus is the very first book that I would recommend to anyone who feels called to children’s ministry. It inspires the reader to think beyond programme- and activity-focused models of ministry and encourages them to re-imagine what ministering to children might look like through the eyes of Jesus.

It also challenges the wider church body to reflect on how it operates, pointing the faith community towards intergenerational ministry; an environment where children aren’t placed to one side, but are equally valued and encouraged to participate alongside all other age groups.

David Csinos’ extensive research into children’s spirituality and Ivy Beckwith’s expertise in church ministry pave the way for this book to communicate a fresh, relevant and deeply biblical model of ministry that will help any practitioner to identity each child’s way of connecting with Jesus while celebrating their vital part in the church.

You will not find craft ideas, games or the latest curriculum to follow in this book, but thoughts and ideas that will inspire you to shape an inclusive, empowering and Godly ministry for the benefit of not only the children at your church, but the whole community. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Csinos, David, and Ivy Beckwith (2013) Children’s Ministry in the Way of Jesus, IVP

dave-martinDave is a qualified children’s and families’ minister who is passionate about intergenerational church and seeing all ages contributing together as the body of Christ. His vision is to help build churches where the presence of children point adults to Jesus and where the presence of adults point children to Jesus. He has served in churches in London and in Guildford and has been involved in a number of ministries and projects in the UK and US. Dave blogs, and loves to travel and wear funky socks!


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