A Guardians of Ancora mug in Israel

If you have sent an enquiry to this website or posted on social media, you may well have had a reply from Hannah Strachan, the ‘first response’ person. Here are Hannah’s holiday thoughts…

When I booked my holiday to visit Israel (or the ‘Holy Land’), I wasn’t actually working officially for Guardians of Ancora – I never imagined that I’d be travelling around taking selfies of an insulated cup! It seemed too good an opportunity to miss, though!

As part of a coach tour, it was fantastic being able to see different Bible locations and Israel’s geography close up. Capernaum names itself ‘The Town of Jesus’ and features in most of the current Ancora Quests: it was great looking around the ruins. The synagogue which the Roman officer paid for and Jairus worked at has been mostly recovered and is one of only seven synagogues found (proving that synagogues were used during the Temple period).

capernaum-peters-house-copyright-hannah-strachanThe walls of buildings and some broken stairs show how cramped houses were – especially if you wanted to get your friend to see Jesus! Meanwhile, the house believed to be Simon Peter’s has a church suspended over it.

Ancora’s high buildings with zipwires (or ‘washing lines’) may expand this town’s size, but its importance is certainly not exaggerated. Jesus’ ministry and miracles happened here to help us today to know who he is. Hopefully, in its own way, Guardians of Ancora can do the same!

Hannah currently works for Scripture Union on WordLive and Guardians of Ancora, where she focuses on customer support and social media.




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