Changing lives, one quest at a time

TaylorMany skills have been brought together to create Guardians of Ancora. Today’s guest blog is from Alex Taylor who has found his skills expanding as he works on new ideas…


When I first started working on Guardians of Ancora, I had never written for a game before. It was a steep learning curve – more often than not, my first draft would be described as ‘good, but not quite what we need’! However, after working with the team at Dubit (the game producers) and Scripture Union, we worked out what was needed and it became an easier process.

I’ve loved creating the characters in Ancora. (Antiqua is my favourite!) We created lots of backstory for each inhabitant of the city so that we knew where they came from and how they might react to different situations.

And it’s been fabulous to bring a new dimension to some awesome Bible stories. I’m really looking forward to seeing which other stories of God and his people we can open up for children to get into. The Bible is such an amazing book, and it can change lives, so it’s great to be able to retell the stories within it in such an imaginative way!

Alex Taylor is a game-writer for Guardians of Ancora. While not writing he enjoys showing off on stage and baking cakes.


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