The Beautiful, Big, Free App

ancora-tabletsScripture Union has made an app because, for the breadth of vision we have, only an app will do.

Because Guardians of Ancora is about God’s amazing love and his big story as we find it in the Bible, and is for children everywhere, we’ve made the app beautiful, big and free. Like God’s grace.

It’s beautiful. The lost stories that the Guardians (children) seek are Bible stories and the best way for them to encounter these stories is to enter into them. Guardians venture into the rich, deep and immersive world of the Bible, created as authentically and beautifully as possible. Only this kind of beauty will capture and keep children’s imaginations, as well as being worthy of presenting the greatest, most love-filled story ever told – the breath-taking epic of God saving his people.


It’s big. The City of Ancora and Bible world have far more for children to discover than they think. The worlds are vast, strange and intriguing. The stories fascinate, drawing children back in to them again and again, to see and experience more and more.


It’s free. The good-news story of God is so good that every child in the world needs to hear it – absolutely no barriers – now in English, later in other languages. Most children have access to a tablet or smartphone, so they can download the app anywhere, with nothing to pay. (Though Ancora constantly needs funding to keep the game free to play – hint.)

It’s an app because, seriously, only an app will do. An app is available pretty much anywhere – no boundaries – and reaches places where books, mail and church outreach programmes can’t. And an app is second to none for helping children live the story.

It’s a beautiful, big, free app for all the best reasons. Join us on the mission. Let the children you know enter the greatest story ever told and be changed by it.


terry-clutterham-667-300x300Terry Clutterham is the project Director for Guardians of Ancora. He is married to Sue and they are both passionate about their faith, their community, and sharing the Gospel with children and young people.



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