The view from the ‘shop floor’

Darren is one of the volunteer ‘champions’ of Ancora. Here’s his reaction to running an exhibition area at a Christian event.

They were H-A-P-P-Y, they were H-A-P-P-Y…

There are few things nicer than seeing children laugh and smile. Happiness was the predominant emotion as the children lined up to have a go on the Guardians of Ancora demo version we were presenting at Spring Harvest.

I had been drafted in to this role because:

  • I had written some content for Guardians.
  • I knew one side of an iPad from the other.

I thought I was computer savvy until I saw the children take to the Guardians app. The knowledge and ease they showed was shared with others, helping them if they got stuck and explaining to their friends what the game was about.

But it was the joy that really struck me. Children would rush to the stand to have a go on the tablets. They would smile and concentrate as they played and they told their friends and parents about it. I have never seen such enthusiasm when it comes with engaging with the Bible. The story – God’s story – was virtually coming alive for them: as they interacted with the characters, they experienced the world of Jesus like never before.

darren-hill-1-300x300Darren thinks (sometimes) and writes (more often) in a freelance capacity. He used to work on digital things at Scripture Union and now works on digital things wherever he can find them. Find out more at



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