View from the beach

Meet Tim Hastie-Smith, the National Director for Scripture Union (England and Wales). Tim’s enthusiasm for the game takes him to many places and events – including on to UK television! Here’s his story…

Unpredictable BBC filming schedules can be a pain, which is why I found myself one day, last summer, having to drive from Minnis Bay in Kent to Boston Spa, near York, by way of Perranporth in Cornwall.

Still, it was well worth the detour! I got to meet, and be filmed with, the delightful Radzi Chinyanganya of children’s magazine-programme Blue Peter about Guardians of Ancora.

Radzi is a great bloke, and he may be a children’s presenter but in the interview his questions were razor sharp! Didn’t Ancora risk trivialising the Bible? Was it an alternative to the Bible?

I answered as best I could: Guardians of Ancora seeks to make the Bible accessible not just to children, but to a whole host of people who don’t like reading books but are comfortable with apps and tablets (just the sort of people least likely to be attracted by traditional Bible reading methods and evangelicalism). If you mean, by ‘Bible’, a physical book, then yes it is an alternative!

Furthermore, Guardians of Ancora does not make the Bible simplistic or trivial:  simply accessible. It builds new bridges into the world. Radzi loved the fact that we were placing Guardians out in the digital space, unmonitored and uncontrolled. Simply there to be found by ANYONE. Letting the Bible loose to be powerful. Not seeking to sell it or control it.

Watch Tim and Radzi on the BBC’s Songs of Praise below.


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